3D Localization and 3D Imaging Technology

The exponential growth of 3D information drives the need for fast and efficient analysis tools. However, traditional interfaces like 2D screens, keyboards and mice are problematic and have severe limitations for this kind of analysis. New 3D localization and 3D imaging technology overcomes these limitations and allows interaction with 3D data in ways only imagined.

3D Localization Technology

3D localization or 3D position tracking can be defined as the measurement of a 3D position and orientation of one or more objects or subjects that move in a defined space, relative to a known location. When measuring the 3D position and orientation of an object, six degrees of freedom (6DOF) are measured: 3 positional and 3 angular coordinates. Alternatively, only an object’s position may be measured, which is referred to as 3DOF localization. 

PS-Tech's 3D localization technology can be used for 3D optical tracking by simply applying retro-reflective markers to an arbitrary object.

3D Imaging Technology

The world we live in is 3-Dimensional. Yet, when data is analyzed with a computer, data is generally presented in a 2-Dimensional fashion. For instance, a physician that investigates a 3D scan of an organ looks at 2D cross sections of the scan. He/she has to use his spatial knowledge and understanding to mentally construct the complete 3D structure from these cross sections. Similarly, a CAD/CAM model is often designed and reviewed in 2D, relying on the designer’s ability to translate this information to 3D. This ability requires years of training and is of utmost importance to make the right decisions. The 3D imaging technology of PS-Tech circumvents this problem by presenting information directly in 3D. Our 3D workstations use advanced stereoscopic displays that enable 3D visualization; that is full and comfortable 3D viewing of 3D data. Combined with powerful 3D applications that are designed specifically for different markets, these systems remove the long training period necessary to gain the skills required to correctly interpret 3D data using 2D images.

Moreover, the risks of such subjective interpretation are removed by presenting the data directly in 3D. By working closely with our technology partners, PS-Tech offers a range of high resolution, flickering free, multi-user capable displays in our products, creating a truly immersive and believable 3D environment on your desktop or in a conference room.