3D Virtual Reality Workstations

A different kind of 3D virtual reality workstations

PS-Tech’s 3D virtual reality workstations were developed to create true lifelike experiences. They differ fundamentally from the current desktop workstations. Our 3D workstations provide a turn-key solution to deal with the challenges of analyzing volumetric data effectively and efficiently. We believe the PSS and C-station will help you to see more, to see better, and to show and discuss results and collaborate over large distances.

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3D Workstations Explained


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Characteristics of the PSS and C-Station 3D virtual reality workstations

  • You hold the data in one hand and with the other hand you peel, slice, measure or perform any other function that requires positioning of both the data (object) and the tool (e.g. slicer)
  • For optimal use to analyse and present volumetric data, use the C-Station and PSS with Vesalius3D
  • Vesalius 3D offers true lifelike experience for effective and efficient analysis and discussion of 3D volumetric data
  • All applications are linked using standard interfaces

Live rendering of 3D (volumetric images)

When interaction with 3D volumetric images is required (e.g. medical 3D images) the computer system has to keep calculating (rendering) the correct image based on the actions of the user. The bigger the data sets, the higher the required processing power of the computer system rendering the image. As a result the image quality drops and the movement of the image becomes scattered (drop in frame rate). True lifelike interactive imaging of 3D images requires live rendering with a minimal frame rate and no perceived loss in image quality.

PS-Tech's workstations are optimized for live rendering of 3D images.  This optimization consists of both hardware and software components.

Each workstation is set up to the specific data requirements of the user, ensuring optimal allocation of processing power (GPU and CPU).

Furthermore each workstation comes with a one year licence of Versalius3D. For Versalius3D a 3D rendering engine was developed that renders volumetric data in 3D, in Real-time. This engine maintains a high frame rate during live 3D interaction without sacrificing quality. 

Third party software can also be installed on the PSS and C-station. 3D interfaces can be connected through standard interfaces.

3D interaction - optical motion tracking

3D InteractionOur 3D workstations are equipped with optical tracking systems enabling intuitive 3D interaction within the virtual environment. Interaction controllers are used to position an object in 3D with 6 degrees of freedom. The position of the interaction controller is optically tracked by the motion tracking system, enabling the user to interact as if he/she holds the visual image in his/her hands. The user is invited to grab, hold and interact with the data. The resulting experience is one of direct natural and intuitive interaction with true and lifelike objects.

Just hold the image in your hands and analyze and manipulate it with unlimited possibilities.

User-centric 3D technology

3D Workstation in usePS-Tech’s 3D visualization technology is designed in a user-centric approach. Rather than trying to adapt a user to the quirks of the technology with complicated manuals and trainings, the technology is being used to solve the user’s problems and help him to perform his tasks more effectively. For instance, the PSS and C-Station are desktop 3D virtual reality workstations specifically arranged for working with 3D data for prolonged periods. These systems present a user with a 3D environment in which he can directly interact with the data in a co-located fashion, meaning that the 3D data is perceived at exactly the same location as where he is manipulating the data. In this case, all human senses are in agreement: proprioception, a person’s sense of the position and orientation of his body and limbs, and visual stimuli. By using 3D glasses and a stereoscopic 3D display, the user perceives a 3D virtual world located in the workspace underneath the mirror. The user can reach under the mirror, into the workspace, without obscuring his own projection or bumping into to screen. 

3D visualization systems

3D Visualization SystemOur solutions have large flexibility in their set up, ranging from single-user desktop environments to multi-user systems for larger environments.

Systems range from desktop setups for single users up to large theatres where several hundred of people can discuss 3D data, all looking and interacting with it in 3D.

Please contact us for your specific setup and we'll be happy to assist you.