3D Workstation C-Station


The 3D Workstation C-Station: 

"make better decisions faster".


Intuitive 3D visualization with the C-Station

The 3D workstation C-Station was developed to create a true lifelike experience of 3D and 4D (volumetric) images. It differs fundamentally from the current desktop workstations.

The 3D workstation C-Station provides a solution to deal with the challenge of analyzing 3D data effectively and efficiently. The C-Station combines all the hardware and software to provide the industry with a turnkey solution.

We believe the C-Station will help you to see more, see better and show and discuss results. The C-Station enables you to collaborate in single and multi-user set ups and over great distances.


3D Workstation C-Station features

‚Äč3D workstation C-station features:

  • Complete yet customizable
  • Dedicated industry solutions for volumetric imaging
  • Easy to use
  • 3D interaction combined with 2D interface
  • Viewing and interaction expandable to external screens
  • Remote collaboration
  • Extensive third parties application support (via VRPN, TrackD)