Volumetric Imaging Software

Besides the possibility to install third party applications, the C-Station and PSS come preinstalled with PS-Medtech's volumetric imaging software for analysis and presentation of volumetric data; Vesalius3D. This software application is fully supported by PS-Tech. A demo licence of Vesalius3D comes pre-installed with each workstation. 

Vesalius3D is not only ideal for working with volumetric data but it also has the two-handed interaction possibilities and a powerful rendering engine to make maximum use of the C-Station or PSS. Vesalius3D was created with the PSS and C-station in mind. 

3D Visualization of Volumetric Data - Vesalius3D

Many image acquisition techniques in the field of medical, microscopy and seismic produce high resolution 3D volumetric data. By combining advanced real-time volume rendering techniques with natural interaction PS-Tech enables physicians to easily process, visualize, interact and present 3D and 4D (3D + time) medical images for better understanding and interpretation of the data.

Vesalius3D  picks up where other applications fall short; “really looking at the data and analyzing it easily and quickly in 3D”.

The Vesalius3D platform is a volumetric image data visualization and processing software package, dedicated to 3D/4D volumetric image data.

It is specifically designed for use in workstations that support 3D interaction such as the C-Station and PSS. It exploits their 3D interaction and visualization capabilities. Vesalius3D features advanced and high quality volumetric rendering techniques and can render to both conventional and stereoscopic displays.

Vesalius3D is especially developed for volumetric medical imaging, however non medical uses include:‚Äč

  • Electron microscope imagery
  • Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Protein data (typically obtained by X-ray crystallography or NMR spectroscopy)
  • Geological volumetric information

Custom applications

Vesalius3D is used as a starting point for custom applications like:

  • Live surgical assistance during minimally invasive procedures by combining real-time imaging with optical tracking of instruments
  • Image quantification (volumes, diameters, flow, etc.)
  • Training and education
  • Pre-operative planning
  • Patient briefing
  • Remote discussion & shared interaction

For more on PS-Tech's medical solutions and more about Vesalius3D refer to the following sites: