Third Party Software

Our 3D workstations can be integrated in a variety of environments. Connecting 3D workstations to your applications is easily done using VRPNtrackd, or PS-Tech's SDK. Here is a partial list of software supported by our 3D workstations. If you would like to use our 3D workstations in your own software, please contact us for support.


Application Origin Category Direct Trackd VPRN
EON software EON Reality 3D Graphics    
Open Inventor VSG 3D Graphics   ‚Äč  
OpenSceneGraph OpenSceneGraph 3D Graphics    
Panda3D Panda3D 3D Graphics    
Studierstube1 TU Wien AR    
Catia Dassault Systems CAD    
Catia Drivers for Visualization and Interaction MechDyne CAD    
Delmia Dassault Systems CAD    
DIVISION Reality/MockUp PTC CAD    
Vrfx Fraunhofer IAO CAD    
Opticore Autodesk CAD    
RapidVRM Visual Advantage CAD    
RTT DeltaGen RTT AG CAD    
Showcase Autodesk CAD    
DART Georgia Institute of Technology CAD    
Go2VR VSP-Technology Oil & Gas    
Inside Reality Schlumberger Oil & Gas    
Petrel Schlumberger Oil & Gas    
Amira Visage Imaging GMBH Science    
AVS express Advanced Visual Systems Science    
EnSight Gold CEI Science    
vGeo MechDyne Science    
Jack and Process Simulate Human Siemens PLM Software Urban simulation    
Vega Prime Immersive Presagis Urban simulation    
Cavelib Mechdyne VR    
COVISE Visenso/hlrs VR    
Lightning Fraunhofer IAO VR  
Syzygy University of Illinois at Urbana VR  
VR Juggler Iowa State University VR  
Avango Fraunhofer IAIS VR    
FreeVR VR    
Quest3D Quest3D VR    
Virtools Dev Dassault Systems VR    
Middle VR I'm in VR VR    
3DVIA Studio Dassault Systems VR  
Vizard WorldViz VR  
Conduit Mechdyne VR Wrapper    
TechViz XL Techviz VR Wrapper    
VR4Max Tree C Technology VR Wrapper