Adaption of Dassault Software for 3D Workstations

PS-Tech, as technology partner of Dassault systemes, made  3DVIA Studio Pro and 3DVIA Composer available for use in the 3D workstations C-Station and PSS. The adaption of the Dassault software for our 3D workstations makes 3D visualization of and interaction with 3D CAD engineering data possible.

Interactive 3D visualization of 3D CAD Engineering data


In the industrial design process, large amounts of 3D CAD engineering data are generated and reviewed by people from various disciplines. Intuitive, interactive 3D visualization of 3D CAD engineering data can make the review process more effective. By utilizing (interactive) 3D simulations, the mechanics and specifics of designs can be verified before they are released for manufacturing. User simulation can reveal critical flaws during the design process, and be used to train staff before anything is deployed or even produced.


PS-Tech’s template source pack – 3DVIA Studio Pro for 3D workstations

PS-Tech provides a template source pack for use of 3DVIA Studio Pro for its 3D workstations C-Station and PSS, which users can drag and drop into their 3D experience.  This template provides a complete configuration for the 3D workstation's stereoscopic display, pedals, and 3D interaction devices using a VRPN interface. Entities can observe the interaction devices and pedal states to implement 3D interaction with the virtual environment. For instance by using the standard trigger zones within 3DVIA Studio Pro to trigger and handle events when an interaction device touches an object.  The configuration template for the 3D workstations provides an automatic setup for 3DVIA Studio Pro experiences with co-located interaction.

PS-Tech’s 3DVIA Composer player – 3DVIA Composer for 3D workstations

PS-Tech provides a custom 3DVIA Composer player for use of 3DVIA Studio Pro in the 3D workstations C-station and PSS. The player provides all the functionality and views created in 3DVIA Composer and adds stereoscopic viewing and 3D interaction for the 3D workstations in a co-located setup.

The standard 3D interaction functionality of the player enables a user to hold the entire 3D model in the non-dominant hand. The dominant hand is used to point and touch parts within the model and can be used to remove and drag parts of the model to explore its inner part. Touching parts makes them transparent and moved parts can be restored to their original location using undo functionality.

The 3DVIA Composer player comes with the full 3DVIA Studio Pro source code. This enables users to easily create different behaviors than the standard functionality and create completely new experiences in the C-Station and PSS. 

To prepare a 3DVIA Composer experience for the 3D workstations C-Station and PSS, a user simply drags and drops a C-Station/PSS object in the Composer window and rearranges the actors relative to this object. Next, the experience can be published to the media folder of PS-Tech's 3DVIA Composer player. Upon starting the Composer player in 3DVIA Studio Pro, the user is presented with a list of all Composer experiences in the media folder and the user can select the desired experience.