PS-Tech at Laval Virtual

March 2017

From March 22-24 PS-Tech will be attending the 19th Laval Virtual conference in Laval, France.


Laval Virtual is one of the most important events in Europe showcasing innovations and new technologies.
Virtual reality and augmented reality are the core to the show.

At Laval Virtual, we will showcase our tracking systems and the integration of our tracking system in a medical workstation.

We will further join a round table about Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies for Health Professionals.
In the last few years, the health sector has seized many technologies to assist professionals in their gestures, training, diagnostics, etc.
Can we measure the effectiveness of these technologies? Are they already obvious in certain sectors?
This round table will address user cases and user feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you at Laval Virtual 2017, booth A9!!