PST Cortex | Processing Unit

The PST Cortex is a processing unit that is optional to the PST Iris and PST Base optical trackers.

It is used when there is a need to separate the processing of the optical tracking units as much as possible from the computers.

The PST Cortex is recommended when:

  • Using multiple optical trackers
  • Using simultaneously a high number of optical trackers
  • Wanting to use tracking results via Ethernet
  • Clients computers run on Linux or Apple operating systems
  • Using PS-Tech’s HD optical trackers

The PST Cortex is connected to the local network. Access to the cortex is via any computer on the network that has the PSTracking 4.0 application installed. The PST Cortex executes all tracking calculations and distributes the tracking results over the network.


  • Plug and play
  • No change of application only change of processing location
  • Data output via Ethernet
  • All functionality of  PSTracking 4.0 available