Custom Solutions for Optical Trackers

Special purpose tracking

PS-Tech's optical tracking technology offering goes beyond the standard product offering. We offer custom tracker development, joint product development  as well as client specific customizations. Often this can be done by customizing PS-Tech's standard tracking technologies. When standard or customized optical trackers are not sufficient PS-Tech builds and develops special purpose optical trackers.

Optical tracker customizations

Standard optical trackers are a one size that fits many solutions. When there is a specific use case defined, PS-Tech can optimize the standard optical trackers for that specific use case. Examples are:

  • Specific tracking area calibration
  • Specific lens choices
  • Tracking target development

Custom optical tracker development

Form factor modifications

For some users the shape and design of the standardized PST Base and PST Iris optical trackers does not work for their requirements. In these cases PS-Tech offers freedom of design. Our technologies are modularized and it allows us to create tracking solutions for "special" use cases.

Examples of form factor adjustments:

  • Integration into the design of a client's product
  • Delivery of different size bar or other shape (bar) trackers
  • Creation of waterproof and dustproof trackers

Tracker accuracy and speed requests

Between accuracy and speed there is often a trade-off. For users with a need of extreme accuracy it can sometimes be wise to create a tracker with full HD or even a 4K system.

For other users with a need for high speed we can create trackers with a framerate of up to 450 fps.

Our optical tracking technology can work with a wide range of camera's and lenses and creating a custom tracker can be a solution for those with needs outside the range of the specifications of the PST Iris and PST Base

Module development

When a feature is needed, or special functionality is needed in the tracking software. PS-Tech offers custom module development. This way features can be added to the tracking software when a client requests it.  

Joint product developments

PS-Tech is a partner in projects where PS-Tech has commercial interests. Within these projects PS-Tech collaborates with third parties to realize a product or solution, which is of commercial interest to both parties.

Examples are: 
•    PS-Tech develops surgical navigators with several hospitals in the Netherlands 
•    PS-Tech develops custom tracking technology to be used in industrial measurement solutions.

Optical tracking technology for medical applications and simulators

Optical Tracking for Medical ApplicationsPS-Tech’s optical tracking technology is suitable for sterile environments and is used in hospitals to aid physicians in navigating or measuring surgical tools.

Sterile and disposable tracking targets are attached to the end of surgical instruments, such as endoscopic and laparoscopic equipment. By accurately tracking the position and orientation of these tracking targets, the system is able to report the position of the tip of each instrument inside the body.

The measured locations can be combined with standard medical imaging technology, such as the camera images from an endoscope. Information of anatomical structures and tissues in or outside the range of the instrument can be displayed; affected tissue location can be highlighted and stored, while all information is updated in real-time depending on the position of each tracked surgical instrument. As such, internal features can be localized more effectively and efficiently, while maintaining wireless and sterile operation of the medical instruments.

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