Optical Tracker PST Base


Optical Tracker PST Base


PST Base

Designed to track in compact spaces


Ideal optical tracker for table top solutions

With a base line of just 20 cm and minimal tracking distance of only 20 cm, the PST Base series is designed for those users that need to start tracking close to the tracker.  The PST Base is the ideal solution for tracking on a desktop or in simulatiors (e.g. car, flight and surgical simulators / navigators).

It fits easily in crowded workspaces such as in simulators or on table tops. As always PS-Tech's tracking products are pre-calibrated, plug and play and highly accurate.

Every PST Base is a fully independent tracking unit. Ready to go from the moment it comes out of the box. No calibration and no registration of cameras.

The PST Base can be directly plugged into the system using USB 2.0. PST Base results can also be shared fully transparently over Ethernet. Simply install the client software on a second computer and connect.

The successor to the PST-55/110 series optical trackers

The optical tracker PST Base is the successor of the succesfull PST-55/100 series. Based on years of experience with the PST-55/100, the time has come to upgrade the series to the new PST Base line of optical tracking products.

PST Base optical tracker, proven localization technology with a new look

The 3D localization technology of the optical tracker PST Base measures the 3D positions of either active or passive markers affixed to objects. Using this information, each PST Base is able to determine the position and orientation of marked devices within a specific measurement volume.

The PST Base allows you to transform any object into a 3D measurement device.

Custom solutions are available to users who have a need to gear the tracking to their own specific use cases. Contact us for your specific use case or discuss the possibilities.

PST Base optical tracker case study: C-Station 3D workstation

The PST Base is integrated in PS-Medtech's 3D workstation C-Station. This workstation is a complete tool for visualization of complex medical data.

The PST Base allows an intuitive 2-handed interaction with the 3D medical images.