Optical Tracker PST Iris

Optical Tracker PST Iris

The optical tracker PST Iris

allows you to track any object’s real-time

3D position and orientation (6DoF).

It is plug and play, easy to use, compact, portable, and scalable.

Optical tracker PST Iris based on 3D localization technology

The 3D localization technology of the optical tracker PST Iris measures the 3D positions of either active or passive markers affixed to objects. Using this information, each PST Iris is able to determine the position and orientation of marked devices within a specific measurement volume.

The PST Iris is an optical motion tracker that allows you to transform any object into a 3D measurement device. Each IRIS tracker is able to work independently and can be connected with more optical trackers to create an even larger measurement volume (Specifications).

Optical tracker PST Iris

Optical Tracker PST Iris 2

  • Set up in seconds
  • Tracking up to 7 meters per unit
  • Stand alone and scalable
  • 120 Hz (adjustable)
  • External synchronization via trigger IO
  • VRPN, trackd, and direct interfacing via SDK
  • Simultaneous multi object tracking

PST Iris optical tracker case study: 3D localization of sound sources

The PST Iris is integrated in Microflown's Scan & Paint 3D Solution. The aim of this solution is to optimize the design of all kinds of products by reducing the sound they generate. The PST Iris is used to identify the sound sources.

Learn more about this solution: Microflown case study.