Optical Tracker PST Pico



PST Pico

Designed to track in small

and compact spaces



Close range tracking when small size matters

The PST-PicPST Pico on hando is the smallest member of the PST tracking family.

WIth a size of about a pair of glasses it fits almost anywhere.

Trackings starts at realy nearby and thanks to the wide field of view the PST-Pico is your tracking solution in small spaces. 

The PST Pico is the ideal user interaction tracker to be placed on top of a monitor, in a small simulator or any installment where tracking needs to be integrated at very close range.   

Some characteristics:

  • User interaction tracker
  • Tracking starts at just 5 cm
  • extremely wide field of view of almost 180 degrees
  • easily adjustable frame rate of upto 50 Hz


If you are interested in the PST-Pico, please contact us.