PSTracking | Software for the PST optical trackers

PS-Tech’s application PSTracking 4.0 is the control center for your PST optical tracker.

The PSTracking 4.0 application is installed on a PC to connect to an optical tracker. Direct connection is via USB. However, PST Base and PST Iris results can also be shared fully transparently over Ethernet. Simply install the PSTracking 4.0 software on a second computer and connect.

The PSTracking 4.0 application gives users access to one or multiple optical trackers.

Summary of the functionally available in the PSTracking 4.0 application:

  • Easy access to PST optical trackers by any PC on which PSTracking 4.0 has been installed
  • There is no requirement for all markers to be visible by the optical tracking system
  • Optimization parameters of the tracking environment (e.g. filters illumination settings, frame rates)
  • Remote control of the optical tracker connected to a PC or PST Cortex via ethernet
  • Easy to use C SDK with bindings for C# and Python
  • Easy create, modify and manage targets
  • Import export target configurations
  • Fast calibration of multi PST setups (single PST setups do not need calibration)
  • One click origin definition


Screenshots of the PSTracking 4.0 application

window in tracking modus


window in editing mode


window in interfacing mode