3D Medical Imaging: Image Guided Intervention and Therapy - IGIT4Health Project

Invasive versus minimal invasive surgeryImage guided intervention and therapy involves medical diagnosis, planning and treatment of patients by minimally invasive placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices such as catheters and stents inside the human body, enabled by 3D medical imaging and 3D navigation methods. Image guided intervention and therapy helps healthcare professionals to obtain better clinical outcome of treatment, predictable procedure time, fewer complications, and lower morbidity & mortality rates. In addition, image guided intervention leads to a prolonged life, improved quality of life and less discomfort for the patient.

3D navigation and 3D medical imaging in the operating room - IGIT4Health project


The main objective of the IGIT4Health project is to increase productivity and effectiveness in healthcare and reduce patient risk by supporting healthcare professionals in the transition from invasive, open surgery to minimally invasive, image guided intervention. The increase in productivity and effectiveness in healthcare enabled by image guided intervention is expected to significantly lower healthcare costs due to shorter hospital stay and higher throughput.

PS-Tech used the results from the IGIT4HEALTH project to develop 3D navigation and 3D medical imaging solutions for:

•    The analysis and presentation of 3D and 4D medical data
•    3D Navigation during image guided intervention procedures

Analysis and presentation of 3D medical imaging 

The IGIT4HEALTH results are used to develop 3D workstations for the analysis of 3D and 4D data. The Medical C-Station with PS-Tech’s Analysis and Presentation Software Vesalius3D won the 2012 Accenture innovation award for best new technology.

The C-Station is a productivity tool for intuitive, effective & efficient analyses of 3D data. The C-Station is designed with 3D medical imaging in mind.

Medical C-station
Medical C-Station

3D navigation systems to support 3D medical imaging and image guided intervention

Medical PST IrisPS-Tech is developing 3D navigation systems for operating theatres to support the 3D medical imaging and image guided intervention. Examples of these optical trackers are:

•   The Medical PST-Iris: A bar tracker for medical use,
•   The Urology Navigator: A solution to treat bladder cancer developed in cooperation with the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU).