Using the PST Iris for 3D localization of sound sources

Microflown's Scan & Paint 3D Solution aims to optimize the design of different kinds of products by reducing the sound they generate. The PST Iris is integrated into this solution to identify the sound sources. Learn more at: Microflown's case study.



Introducing the Optical Tracker PST Iris

Complete, scalable, accurate optical tracking, where each unit delivers full 6DOF tracking.



Optical Tracker PST Iris in Action

Start up in 10 seconds, train and track any object in minutes, easy connection to application via trackd, VRPN and SDK.



Training new rigid body

  1. Place retro-reflective markers on object.
  2. Scan the rigid body in front of the tracker.
  3. Save the model and start tracking!



Aligning Multiple Optical Trackers

  1. Place the trackers where you see fit, and make sure they have minimal overlap.
  2. Wave the registration tool in the overlapping area for a few times.
  3. The trackers are aligned!



Relais d'Sciences (Caen) testing PST

The Relais d’Sciences Caen made a few Augmented Reality 3D games, using PST as input device.



Optical tracker PST Base explained

The PST Base optical tracker is the ideal solution for desktop setups. It is compact, portable, easy to use and very accurate.